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250 mL (8 oz) Paper Cup RW BRK 1PE 260+240 (500 pcs)

₹1 711.00
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Product Details
pcs in carton: 500
price per piece: 2.9


Experience the perfect harmony of convenience and sustainability with our 300ml (10oz) Ripple Wall Paper Cups. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these cups offer exceptional insulation, making them an ideal choice for serving piping hot beverages like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The innovative ripple wall design not only enhances insulation but also provides a comfortable grip, ensuring your hands stay protected from the heat.


  • Crafted from premium quality paper with a ripple wall for superior insulation.
  • Innovative ripple wall design for enhanced insulation and grip.
  • Ideal for serving hot beverages.
  • Disposable for effortless cleanup.

This is perfect for:

Coffee aficionados, tea enthusiasts, eco-conscious cafes, upscale bakeries.

Suitable For:

  • Hot Contents
  • Limited Shelf Life

Elevate your beverage service with our Ripple Wall Paper Cups, combining functionality, style, and environmental consciousness in every sip.

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