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Handle Bags

Paper twisted paper handle bags are strong, sturdy and stand upright on counters for easy loading.


The Small paper twist handle bag is ideal for carrying takeaway or home food delivery orders, as well as small goods, cheeses and bakery items. Paper bags are recyclable, compostable and reusable.

All products are available with custom branding options

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Product Variants

C210S0010A_Detpak_180_TWIST HANDLE BAG_BROWN.png

Loop Handle Bags - (PTH#1-5, #16, #18)

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Loop handle bags use separately cut pieces of plastics, papers, or threads to make a looping handle for bags.


The handles can be made from the same material that the bag is made from, but also from paper, cotton, or plastic. Loop handle bags are commonly used as bags for garments, cosmetic articles, bags for departmental stores and so on.


The handles allow additional customization.

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D-Cut Paper

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D-cut bags are shopping bags that come with a hole cut in the bag that serves as the handle.


They can be made from plastics, biodegradable materials or non-woven fabrics. They can be used to carry lightweight good that is somewhat flat in nature. This format of bags is commonly used by malls and departmental stores.


The bags can be  customized and branded as required.

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Product Details

Material - Brown Kraft

Size - Variable product to product

GSM - 50-70

MOQ - 2000 pcs

Customisation - Artwork, color

Application - Shopping bags in retail stores and malls

Industry - Retail, Food & Beverage, FMCG

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